Publish Rich, Love Rich, and Live Rich With Top Editor Marcela Landres

Meet Former Simon and Schuster Editor and the Top Latino/a Publishing Consultant in the US, Marcela Landres, as she shares the secrets to building an unstoppable platform as an author/speaker,creating an incredible relationship, and living your dreams.  Jorge Raziel Ortiz & Dr. Alexander Avila share with you this exclusive interview.

Find out more about Marcela Landres at

About Jorge Raziel

Jorge consults businesses and startups in the areas of strategy and their digital footprint. He coaches entrepreneurs and speaks on the topic of the entrepreneur mindset. Find out more about Jorge Raziel at

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  1. Hector Miguel

    My problem with all this is how difficult it is to reach people who can evaluate or at least comment on your work when you’re not a famous writer. It is very easy to say it but sometimes literary agents don’t even answer your query letters. It’s a real jungle out there.

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